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Erica Beaton

How do you teach students vocabulary and word-level comprehension strategies?

Join Erica Beaton as she breaks down Kelly Gallagher's use of the most common latin word chunks to promote deeper reading across the content areas. Gallagher introduces the 30-15-10 concept in Deeper Reading: Comprehending Challenging Texts, 4-12 (2004), and Beaton breaks it down for practical classroom use.

This PDF includes the following products:

1) Student Study Packet -- This twelve-page document is the perfect graphic organizer to use with your students during guided instruction of the 55 most common Latin Word Chunks. The graphic organizer draws on Robert Marzano’s research about best practice for acquiring vocabulary, which includes space to draw visual representations and generate word examples.

2) Bulletin Board Images or Student Flashcards -- This fifteen-page document is most frequently used by teachers to create a bulletin board word wall or to distribute to students for flashcard study sessions. Each flashcard includes a photo corresponding with each term (e.g. a-, ab-, abs- features an alien abduction).

3) Student Quizzes & Teacher Answer Keys -- This seventy-two-page document includes 22 Student Quizzes and corresponding Teacher Answer Keys. As it states on the document itself, our study of the Latin Word Chunks will “snowball” these terms. The quizzes begin with a tiny cluster of snowflakes (i.e. just five terms). We’ll gradually pack on more and more “snow” over time until we have a big “boulder.” As the terms reappear throughout the set of quizzes, they increase in difficulty. Quizzes become a "snowballing" mix of Level Easy (i.e. matching terms in list order), Level Medium (i.e. fill-in-the-blank terms in list order), and Level Hard (i.e. fill-in-the-blank terms in random order). This process. which is based on Brown, Roediger, and McDaniel's Make It Stick research about content retention, supports evidence-based memory strategies rather than just crashing an avalanche of terms on students all at once.

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Latin Word Chunks - Total Product Package

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